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Parting Stones – Solidified Remains

A Clean Alternative to Cremated Remains

Solidified remains are a complete alternative to cremated remains that allow you to live comfortably with your departed. The solidification process compresses conventional cremated remains into a beautiful collection of 40-60 “stones” that you can hold, share, scatter, and travel with.

The appearance of each collection of solidified remains is entirely natural, with different hues and textures making each set unique. Parting Stone empowers families in their grief by providing remains that can be touched and held.

At the time of your arrangement, you may choose to have your loved one returned as either cremated remains or solidified remains. To update your pre-need plan to include solidified remains, please contact us by email or phone, and we will update your arrangement. If you currently have the cremated remains of your loved one at home and wish to have them solidified, you may place your order here.

Call or email us for additional information about this service. 

Hitzeman Funeral Home & Cremations Services can offer a cost savings and assist you with the entire process.  If you would feel more comfortable ordering directly on your one please visit them directly at Parting Stone.

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