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DNA Memorialization & Testing

Many families may not realize that the funeral home is their last chance to preserve DNA. From Ancestry, to Genetic Testing, Keepsakes to storing in a Generational DNA library, DNA has proven to provide important information for years to come. 

DNA Memorialization is available for those who choose traditional burials, entombment or cremation. Once your loved one is buried or entombed, there is still a possibility to retrieve their DNA after interment. However, to do that, disinterment is costly and the likelihood of undamaged DNA recovery is questionable. Cremation destroys DNA. 

Whether you are seeking answers for yourself now or the future, our DNA Collection Service will be able to provide you with the information today, or can preserve those specimens for testing that you may need in the future. Banking is favorable. One Vial can accommodate multiple testing. 

The procedure is a non-evasive process; there is no harm to your loved one during the collection. The collection is gathered with buccal swabs. (No upfront cost associated with the collection). 

This collection process is very discreet, and can be taken as part of the preparation process. It can be held for a certain period of time before destruction or not taken at all. 

There are two ways to take part of the Memorial process. 

  1. Once samples are collected, Hitzeman Funeral Home (as a DNA Memorial Provider) can send in the collected sample(s) directly (within 30 days). The DNA processing organization will send a confirmation email to the family stating that the specimen has been received, stored or processed. (This option does provide a cost savings for the family)
  2. Another option is to have Hitzeman Funeral Home provide the collected samples which will be placed in clearly marked and sealed envelope, encased in a plastic Ziploc bag, to the family for processing. The collection should be submitted within 30 days of the collection date for best DNA preservation.

For more information or a list of specific DNA Banking and memorialization options please visit: www.lazarusdna.com 

Costs range from: $250-$750 based on your family’s wishes. (Shipping & handling additional -See reverse side for costs) 

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Hitzeman Funeral Home is not responsible for any results, storage, memorabilia or any analysis or outcome based on the specimens collected or the mail provider services. The agreement provided is between the decedent’s family and the DNA Service and not with Hitzeman Funeral Home. 

Hitzeman Funeral Home will ship through U.S.P.S. utilizing Priority Mail.