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Our New Addition

Hitzeman Construction

The Hitzeman Family is proud to announce that we have completed an addition and remodeling project to our existing funeral home.  The transformation was completed in 2010.  With the completion of the renovation, an additional amount of 3,000 square feet and remodeling our current facility had occurred.  We accomplished the following: 3 fully dedicated chapels, new lounge/coffee room, children’s room, washrooms were increased in number and size, larger selection room to explore more options in personalizing your loved ones funeral, a new main entrance with foyer directly off of our parking lot and fully updated state of the art A/V system.  Through the acquisition of an adjoining property our parking was also expanded.  Our facility is completely handicap accessible.

Below you will see project pictures showing the depth of constructions and progress to completion.

Please feel free to contact us with any question you may have. If you wish to stop by you are welcome to view our updated facility.. The Hitzeman Family is very excited to be able to provide more for our community and the families we serve.

The Hitzeman Family