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Funeral, Burial, Cemetery and Cremation Costs

Before or once a loved one passes, grief and the sudden responsibility of planning a funeral can cause anxiety and the task may seem overwhelming. Despite the initial acceptance, you may not even know how much a funeral costs. Your loved one may have supplemental insurance, funeral insurance, or a life insurance policy, but you may not be aware of your options and the cost associated.

Traditional Funeral and Burial Costs

Funeral costs vary depending on what your specific needs are or family wishes. Today the average cost of a traditional funeral can start at $9,145 up to $16,000 +. The initial fee is based on funeral home services, staff, and equipment. The additional items to consider will be: choice of casket, honorariums, clergy, church stipends, musicians, outer burial containers, flowers, death notices in newspapers, permits, death certificates, as well as cemetery charges, to name a few. Realistically you can spend from $12,750 to $16,750 + for a traditional funeral.

Cemetery Costs

Cemetery charges are based upon on what is owned and prepaid. Burial plots range from $1,375 to $5,600; a vault or grave liner (cement enclosure), will range in price from $1,095 to $14,495 and lastly, opening and closing the grave can cost from $2,050 to $3,800 +. Additional charges to consider would be the grave marker or monument to mark and memorialize the grave(s) this price may range from $700 – $15,000. Some cemeteries have packages that will include: graves, opening & closing, concrete container /vault and the grave marker. Keep in mind when choosing a package, most do not include a warranted vault. Total cemetery expenditures could be $3,800 - $6,000 or more.

If you and or your loved one are considering to be placed in a crypt in a mausoleum, the costs may increase substantially; you can count on spending between $5,100 to $13,000 or even more.

Cremation Costs

Cremation is a choice for some families. This choice does not exclude having a visitation and funeral ceremony with the deceased present, as with a traditional funeral. Some families will consolidate the visitation and funeral within the same day. Others will have a cremation with a memorial service with or without the cremains being present; the costs will begin at $7,500. Lastly, some will choose to have a direct cremation without a service in which the cost will start at $3,195.

Once the cremation option is determined, there are additional expenses to consider, same as with a traditional funeral. Merchandise, permits, death certificates, casket, urn selection, clergy, flowers, death notices in the local and regional newspapers, as well as crematory/cemetery charges. Today the average cost for a cremation is from $3,195 to $16,000 +.

Funeral Package Evaluation

Funeral, burial, cemetery and cremation costs can be bundled into a package. While some funeral homes may present packages which appear less expensive most are designed to entice you into buying more than what you intended or can afford.

At Hitzeman Funeral HomeLtd., we offer no-pressure packages. We live by the philosophy that you do not need to buy more than what you need. We will personally take you step by step and assist you during the pre-planning or at the time of need. We will provide you with an itemized cost for each service and merchandise items that you selected. You will receive copies of all pertinent documents for your files after the initial consultation.

Our No Hidden Cost Guarantee provides peace of mind that you will never pay more than you are quoted by us for your services. (Click here to find out more).

Please contact us with any questions or if you need additional information or would like to set up an appointment at (708) 485-2000. Or to begin the process, please fill out the Pre-Need Form.

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