A/V Policy

Hitzeman Funeral Home, Ltd. offers complimentary use of our state of the art audio visual system to every family we serve. Possibilities include the display of electronic photos (processed into a video slideshow format), video and/or music.

Some Families may wish to put the slide show together themselves as a gift for their loved one. This is perfectly acceptable. The following are guidelines that should be used when putting the slide show together.

Please note: Whether you are putting the slideshow together yourselves or wish for us to do it for you, please make sure we have the files/photos by 12 noon the day before the services/visitation. One electronic drive medium per family. No multiple submissions to eliminate doubles and triples. Photos that are typically less than 100K will be grainy and fuzzy.


General Overview

  • Digital pictures must be preformatted and processed into a slideshow format. Most common formats for slideshow and video formats are .WMV (Windows Media), .MPEG .MPG .AVI (general compressed computer), .MOV (QuickTime) or a standard DVD format .VOB. Audio (music) may be embedded in these files and played.
  • WMV, .MPEG & .AVI are preferred formats.
  • If you should choose to create a standard DVD a .VOB format, the video created can NOT have any title pages or chapters. Title pages and chapters will not allow the video to continuously loop without restarting the show manually for each viewing.
  • PowerPoint NOT acceptable.
  • Music may be provided on a standard compact disc (CD).  MP3s may be provided on a CD, USB flash drive, or may be played directly from an MP3 player such as an IPOD. IPODs should have music sorted and prepared to just press play before providing to Hitzeman.
  • Any audio or video that you would wish to be displayed during your family’s visitation or service must be delivered to the funeral home no later than 12 P.M. the day prior to the scheduled gathering. Early processing and set up prior to the time of scheduled gathering is required. The Hitzeman staff WILL NOT be able to complete or prepare at the time of scheduled gathering.


General Suggestions

      • Slideshows should be formatted with each picture to be viewed for a minimum of 10 seconds and no longer than 30 seconds depending on the number of pictures you choose to incorporate.
      • If you want to have your slideshow as part of a service, we can incorporate it to continuously play from the start, during the middle or at the conclusion of visitation or service. Recommendation for total length of the slideshow is 4-7 minutes. The total length of the slideshow should not exceed 10 minutes.
      • A slideshow that will solely be used to view during a longer visitation time frame has no time constraints.
      • If you choose to embed or directly attach music to your slideshow and its duration is short, the music will not be audible for the entire visitation. Listening to the same music repetitively for hours does not make for a comfortable setting.

    We do not have Slide capabilities.  If Family wishes to bring in a slide projector, we can set up a place for viewing.



Slide Show Options

Date Due to Hitzeman Funeral Home, Ltd.

Rendering Fees

#1 Family can prepare all a/v materials on their own and provide a
completed DVD
12 P.M. the day before your scheduled gathering No Charge

Family may provide digital photos (Max files 250) on a CD or DVD in .jpeg format. If picture order is important, files must be named and numbered in order that you desire them to be shown. Maximum of #40 pictures. Over 40 pictures will be in random order. These files will be converted into a standard computer slideshow format. There will be no custom transitions and No audio
will be attached.

Inclusion of Non Digital Photos

In addition to your digital photos, if you have non-digital photos that you would like to incorporate into your slideshow, we can include for a nominal fee.


12 P.M. the day before your scheduled gathering
12 P.M. the day before your scheduled gathering


A complementary CD/DVD of the slide show will be provided to you.

Additional copies can be provided upon request at an addition $5 a copy.

There is a $100 set-up fee to convert to the slide show format.



Scanning costs start at $.50 cents per photo.


Slideshow Options

Date Due to Hitzeman Funeral Home, Ltd.

Rendering Fees


If your photos are not digital and you wish for Hitzeman Funeral Home to format a slideshow for you, actual photos may be provided to us. We can scan any photo ranging in size from 3.5” x 4” up to an 8” x 10”. Photos must be removed from their album or frame. The slideshow will show these images randomly. Photos with any sticky residue of any kind will not be scanned.


12 P.M. the day before your scheduled gathering


The setup fee for completing this service is $100. In addition the cost for scanning non-digital images is $.50 cents per photo.

A CD/DVD will be provided to you so you will have a copy of your now converted digital pictures which will be at minimum resolution of 600 dpi.

Additional copies can be provided upon request at an addition $5 a copy.

If you have further questions on these options please ask a funeral home staff member or call (708) 485-2000.


Waiver of Liability

We aim to provide our families with the very best work and we always strive to make sure to protect any and/or all photo rendering materials (Photos, DVD’s, CD’s, Thumb/Flash Drives and any miscellaneous objects) provided by the family. We require a waiver of liability to be signed for photo/video rendering/scanning.