What Are Pre-Planning Funeral Services?

Funeral Service

Pre-planning your funeral or the funeral of your loved one is tantamount to planning for college, a wedding, or retirement.  Funerals encompass another life cycle event that everyone has to consider at one time or another.  Pre-planning a funeral is one guarantee that the deceased’s wishes will be carried out as requested.  You or your family member will have chosen what is wanted and You can pre-fund your services in advance.

This proactive act saves the family a great deal of stress when it comes to making decisions in the middle of dealing with grief.  Another excellent benefit of paying for funeral expenses ahead of time is that the cost of the funeral service is protected, whether the death happens in a matter of months or a number of years.

The following funeral costs may be included with a pre-funded funeral arrangement from Hitzeman Funeral Home & Cremation Services:

  • Fees for Services for Professional Funeral Director
  • Charges for Funeral Home Facility and Staff
  • Charges for Transportation
  • Casket and Vault

 We invite you to check out the comprehensive funeral pre-planning options at HitzemanFuneral.com/ when you are ready to make plans that ensure your confidence in the steps taken to plan any kind of funeral arrangements.  Hitzeman Funeral Home is a funeral service provider for clients in Brookfield, Westchester, LaGrange Park, LaGrange, Riverside, North Riverside, Lyons, Countryside, Indian Head Park, , Western Springs, Berwyn and all of Chicago’s Western Suburbs.