Urn Carrier

The urn carrier is relatively new to the industry.  It was designed to provide the family a dignified way to carry the cremated remains of a loved one after the funeral service and to their final resting place.

At Hitzeman Funeral Home & Cremation Services, we were one of the first to offer this stately urn carrier.  We also found that it could be used in another way. 

Having a traditional service with the utilization of a kneeler for cremated remains, did not give our guests the proper way to pay their respects.  To better our guest experience, we have facilitated the design of an accompanying Memorial Bureau cabinetry piece to hold the urn carrier, urn and personal effects.  This gives the family and their guests a better view of their loved one and the many symbols of their love. 

Once the services have concluded at Hitzeman Funeral Home or Church, pallbearers can transfer your loved one to the hearse utilizing this urn carrier.  It will be locked in place much like a full size casket and your loved one is ready for a respectable funeral procession. 

Services and family customs do not have to be compromised or treated as second best, even if one chooses cremation. 

We are continuously looking at ways to improve our services and offerings and bring value to the families we serve.