Pre-need Insurance

PRE-FUNDING – The next step for your peace of mind.

Why Pre-fund a Funeral?

There are a number of benefits to pre-funding your services or a service of your loved one.

Funeral pre-funding can help safeguard your savings and other traditional life insurance for their intended purposes. Plus, by purchasing your funeral in advance, you can secure the cost of your funeral at today’s prices.

When you choose to pre-fund your final arrangements, your money is put in a top rated insurance company (Homesteaders Life Company) until it is required. Consider it as an investment that will earn interest to help offset inflation.

Your funeral costs are covered with a pre-funded funeral arrangement which includes:
•   Funeral director’s professional services
•   Funeral home facility and staff charges
•   Transportation charges
•   Casket, vault, and other items

When you decide to pre-fund, your funeral service expenses and some merchandise will be covered. To cover additional costs, there are allowances and flexibility for expenditures related to your funeral. Hitzeman Funeral Home, Ltd., makes sure all legal documentation is completed and your claim is processed.

Once your services are paid in full, our price is guaranteed. You will never have to pay more for items that you already paid for.

Payment plans are available to meet your needs. We work with you to arrange the best possible services for a payment amount that you find comfortable.

Pre-funding preserves assets and protects against inflation.

What is the best way to go about pre-planning or pre-paying for funeral arrangements?

Hitzeman Funeral Home can provide you with complete information about pre-planning and pre-paying for your funeral arrangements. Simply contact Hitzeman Funeral Home at 708-485-2000 to make an appointment. In the meantime, you can request information by completing the Pre-Need Form.

Is it possible to pre-plan and pre-pay for funeral arrangements for relatives in my care?

Yes, and it is often advisable to do so. Individuals responsible for caring for elderly relatives often face additional financial issues when thinking about pre-planning a funeral. Pre-arrangements are highly recommended for individuals receiving nursing home public assistance. The option of preserving personal funds for funeral expenses is everyone’s right under state law.

Before applying for public aid, individuals may set aside funds for funeral services as well as for the casket, grave space, marker, grave opening, and closing charges, and other fees. These funds are considered exempt from assets for a person applying for public assistance.

Pre-funding sets aside funds before your finances are reduced by Social Security, Medicaid, or Public Aid eligibility.

Pre-arrangements are highly recommended for individuals receiving nursing home public assistance. Before applying for Medicaid, individuals may provide funds for funeral services as well as for the casket, grave space, marker, grave opening/closing charges, and other fees as part of the “spend down” process to meet eligibility requirements.

Pre-Funding will prevent your life insurance policies from being depleted or cashed in prior to receiving public assistance. The Pre-Fund policy through our insurance partner is irrevocable, meaning the State cannot acquire those funds. They are protected and can only be utilized for your funeral services.


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After a series of meetings and discussions with the Illinois Department of Human Services (DHS) and the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services, as well as Rep. Natalie Manley (D – Joliet), DHS has issued a NOTICE on their website clarifying that an applicant for Medicaid can still use available resources for prepaid funeral and burial contracts up until final eligibility of Medicaid is determined.
Below is the full text from DHS under “Eligibility for Backdated Months.”
If not already in place, an Applicant may use available resources to purchase an exempt prepaid funeral or burial contracts at any point after submitting an application for medical assistance up until a final determination of eligibility on the application has been made by the Department.
When determining eligibility for a backdated month, the individual is eligible for the entire month if they become eligible at any point during that month. Eligibility for each retroactive month would be determined based on the amount of resources and income that were available in that individual month. Expenditures for allowable transfers or purchases would be applied only for the month in which they were made. Eligibility for each month of medical backdating is determined separately.
Apply eligibility rules regarding exempt/non-exempt resources and allowable exemptions when determining what amount of resources to use.
Contact the Bureau of Medical Eligibility Policy at 217-557-7158 if you have any questions.
Source: Margaret Vaughn, IFDA Lobbyist – 7/15/2020
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

An insurance policy can help protect your assets.
Funeral funds are assured by placing those funds with an insurance company. All insurance policies are regulated by the Illinois Department of Insurance.Close up of approved funeral insurance policy with pen, calculator

Are you a road warrior or advice traveler?
A Travel Benefit Plan covers you whether you vacation or have a place during the winter. If something unforeseen happens to you while you are vacationing/traveling and are more than 100 miles away from your registered voting residence, this plan will ensure that you will be transported safely home at no additional expense. This benefit will be a comfort to you while you are away.

Let family members know where you keep important documents.
Once your pre-planning/pre-funding services are complete, we will provide extra copies for your records, family members, and your attorney. Inform a close friend or relative what arrangements have been made and where the information may be found.

Advance funeral planning is just as important as sufficient life insurance, a will, and other contingencies you have in place to protect your family. It really does make good sense.

At Hitzeman Funeral Home Ltd., our funeral planning professionals will work with you to determine your individual needs and answer any questions.

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