Personalizing Cremation

Even though cremations have been available for years, many families may not be aware of all their options. The rational varies as to why one chooses cremation.  Families may not realize that they can have the tradition of a visitation and a Funeral Service or Mass, even if their loved one wants cremation. 

As with a traditional funeral, you may choose to have a visitation where your loved one is present in a casket and a Funeral Service or Funeral Mass follows.  Or you may have the visitation and services after your loved one have been cremated.  Another choice is a Memorial Service, providing family and friends with a way to pay their respects. 

“Whether you choose a visitation the night before or same day, personalizing your services is a great way to pay tribute to your loved one”, Chuck advised.  “This is your opportunity to share what he/she meant to you throughout your lifetime together.”  

Below are just some of the ways one can personalize their services.

  • Create a slideshow sharing photos and memories
  • Provide his/her favorite music for all to enjoy
  • Select our celebration package and share a toast
  • Eulogize and pass on your favorite memories
  • Display memorabilia or hobby items on our Urn Memorial Bureau and throughout the chapel
  • Display Military symbols
  • Schedule Military honors for those who served
  • Obtain special Service accompaniment (harpist, cellist, bagpiper etc..)
  • Dress in their favorite team attire
  • Select a personalized Legacy Keepsake or cremation Jewelry

“At Hitzeman Funeral Home & Cremation Services, we discovered having a traditional service with the utilization of a kneeler for cremated remains, did not give our guests the proper way to pay their respects”, stated Chuck. “To better our guest experience, we have in place a stately red mahogany finished urn carrier.  We facilitated the design of an accompanying Memorial Bureau cabinetry piece to hold the urn carrier, urn and personal effects.  This gives the family and their guests a better view of their loved one and the many symbols of their love.  We are continuously looking at ways to improve our services and offerings and bring value to the families we serve.”

The urn carrier is relatively new to the industry.  Once services have concluded at the funeral home or Church, pallbearers can transfer your loved one to the hearse utilizing an urn carrier.  The urn carrier will be secured in place much like a full size casket and it is ready for the funeral procession. 

”To add to the personalization aspect, flowers can be a nice touch, Chuck stated.  “Urns come in different shapes, sizes and materials.  We worked with a local florist, to design a flower piece that encompasses different sizes of urns.  The family may also select end pieces or a floor arrangement to match the main Urn piece.”  (Types of flowers, colors or particular themes can be altered to fit the family’s vision).

“As you can see, personalization and services and family customs do not have to be compromised, even if one chooses cremation,” Chuck added. “At Hitzeman Funeral Home and Cremation Services, we can guide you through all of your personalization ideas and help carry out the most meaningful and valued service for your family.”  

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