Memorial Service / Memorial Mass

Candle WebRemembering Your Loved One

Memorial Service/Memorial Mass is a ceremony that is held without the deceased present. The deceased is not in a casket or an urn. The Service/Mass can be held anytime after a cremation or a direct burial. Some wish to set a date shortly thereafter or a later time. Whichever you choose, Hitzeman Funeral Home, Ltd., can accommodate an intimate Memorial Service with close friends and relatives to a much larger gathering. We will assist you with scheduling the Memorial Mass if applicable.

A Memorial Service/Memorial Mass gives you the opportunity to bring family and friends together to reminisce and honor the life of those who have passed.

Memorials Services can take place at Hitzeman Funeral Home at any time based on the family’s wishes. Average gathering time is two hours prior to the services. For more information regarding time frames for Memorial Services (Click Here).

Personalizing a Memorial Service

Personalizing a Memorial Service provides an opportunity to make the occasion as individual as the person being remembered. The process of personalizing can help bring closure to the survivors by giving them the opportunity to focus on happier times, while sharing memories and experiences they have treasured.

Displaying photographs, examples of hobbies, trophies or awards can be a welcomed sight for family and friends attending the service.
We will discuss your thoughts and assist you with ordering or scheduling the following:

• Clergy representation
• Flowers
• Audio/Visual and slide show capabilities (A/V Policies)
• Organist, bagpiper, or other musical accompaniment
• Register books
• Prayer cards/Memorial folders
• Urn selection
• Easels, lectern, or kneeler
• Special farewell release options
• Catering…etc.

Sunset WebWe encourage families to participate in the planning of the Memorial Service/Memorial Mass. Although this is a difficult time, we recognize that above all else, a Memorial Service/Memorial Mass is intended to benefit the living: to help them move through the pain and loneliness of loss to acceptance and resolution.

We look forward to discussing your wishes, whether it be Memorial Service/Memorial Mass, Traditional Funeral or Cremations. We are here to serve our community and the families within.