Live Streaming

In the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, some family members or friends are unable to attend Visitations, Funeral Services, funeral Masses or the Interment of their loved ones. Travel restrictions, guidelines from the CDC and being cognizant of one’s own health have impacted the way we are supporting each other during this difficult time.

In order to help our families reach those who are most important to them, we offer professional high quality live streaming and recording services.

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You now have the ability to invite your loved one’s to the Visitation, Funeral Service, Funeral Mass or Interment Services during this epidemic.

  • Professional Services
    We do not record these services ourselves.  We have a professional production team that provides state of the art video production technology.
    Our focus is on the family not making sure we have the lens cap off of the camera.
  • Support
    This also gives the family that is present, an opportunity to support each other, rather than trying to use their cell phones to
    capture a moment, while they themselves are grieving. If one needs help to access the live stream, there is a support staff that
    can walk you through.
  • Just a click away
    We provide the family with a link (which can also be accessed through the obituary listing on our website) for the Streaming Services.
    people 2562724 1920Access will be active approximately 5 minutes before a visitation or Service begins. If we are proceeding to the Cemetery, there may
    be a brief pause until we arrive at the graveside or Interment Chapel.
  • Recorded
    If your guests are/were unavailable for the live stream, due to other commitments, it is ok. The Services are recorded and may be viewed the following day for those who were not able to see the live stream.

We know how difficult the Covid 19 has impacted the lives of the families we serve and all that wish they could be here in person. Our families that have utilized these services have stated, “In some small way, it provides closure and support for those who wish to be here.”

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