Hitzeman Theatre Night 2011

Theatre of Western Springs LogoIn 2011, we, the Hitzeman Family, saw a great opportunity to reconnect with the families we have served, our business associates and friends, to have a fun evening out. In partnership with the Theatre of Western Springs, we were able to offer a private theatre evening for our guests.

Theatre Seating Hitzeman 2011

On April 13, 2011, our guests saw the performance the “Lion in Winter.” With 319 in attendance, we celebrated a fabulous evening with entertainment and desserts during intermission. Little did we know that the idea and concept would be received so well. The overwhelming positive feedback and responses are listed below:

“Chuck, Todd & Sue
Thank you so much for the invitation to the play last night. I really enjoyed myself. Thanks again!”
Chip Scott – Arlington Heights

“Thank you to the Hitzeman Family for allowing me to share in a special evening. The play was great. The warmth extended from your family to all who were there. Thanks again”
Joan Schmidt – Brookfield, ILTheatre Sweets Hitzeman 2011

“Thank you, and your family for inviting me to an evening of theatre at the Theatre of Western Springs. The play was fun, the company enjoyable (the brownies were to die for!) It was a lovely evening!”
Ann Wiegand – LaGrange Park, IL

“Dear Todd, Susan and Chuck,
Thank you for inviting us to your theatre party. We enjoyed Lion in the Winter, had some laughs and saw some friends. It was a fun night.”
Jim & Ethel Marousek – North Riverside, IL

Theatre Hitzeman 2011“Hi Todd,
Enjoyed the stage play very much.”
Many thanks – Lil – Brookfield, IL


“Dear Todd, Sue & Chuck:
Thank you so much for inviting me to attend “The Lion in Winter”. What a fun and twisted story! It was nice diversion to what I term “Hell Week” (The week before tax filing is due). Kudos to Chuck for facilitating the event. I couldn’t have done it better myself!”
Janel Huston – Winnetka, IL

Some photos from “Lion in Winter” April 13, 2011  (Click on any of the photos on this page for a larger view)