Hitzeman Theatre Night 2012

Theatre of Western Springs LogoOn April 18, 2012, Hitzeman Family guests had a night out at the Theatre of Western Springs.  Guests spent the evening intrigued by the production of The Devil’s Disciple, by George Bernard Shaw.  All email subscribed, families that have been served by Hitzeman Funeral Home, friends and business associates were invited to be a guest for the evening.

Devil's Disciple LogoThe year is 1777 at the height of the revolutionary war, and we are in the home of Mrs. Dudgeon, a Dickensian character who is about the most unchristian Christian you’re likely to meet in a month of Sundays. Her son, the scandalous Richard Dudgeon, a self-proclaimed devil’s disciple, finds himself mistaken for the local reverend …and arrested by the British army as a rebel. Dudgeon goes along with them and pretends to be the wanted man. Why? Is it for love, country or duty, or did the devil make him do it? Brimming with Shaw’s trademark humor and paradoxes, The Devil’s Disciple brings Shavian wit and “swashbuckling action” to America.


Some photos from “The Devil’s Disciple” April 18, 2012  (Click on any of the photos on this page for a larger view)


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