Hitzeman Funeral Home is proud to present BeRemembered

The BeRemembered™ program has a variety of ways to share your life’s stories, pictures, your wishes, even private messages for your loved ones. Membership is FREE.

“This is a gift for your family. Hitzeman Funeral Home has partnered with
Aurora Casket Company to sponsor this program for the community
and the families within. This is Todd Hitzeman’s gift to you”.

Michael Quinn
CEO Aurora Casket Company

Ask yourself…how do I want to be remembered?

pen-scriptWe have a lifetime of stories that have shaped our lives. Whether you grew up on a farm, journeyed from a distant land, served your country in the armed forces, or raised your children, these are valuable tales to tell.

Do you remember your favorite book, where the characters are captivating and the adventures are riveting? The author painted a picture for their readers that we love to read time and time again.

Of course, not everyone is Shakespeare, James Patterson, or JK Rowling. However, when it comes to telling your story, there is really no one that would be able to tell it better.

BeRemembered™ guides you through every step with an easy to use website. If you are not computer savvy, you may elect a guardian to help you along the way.

old-couple• Upload pictures, videos or your favorite songs.
• Record personal messages.
• Write down your adventures or funny stories about your family or what you did in your heyday! You know the stories that you would never tell your kids when they were younger. Maybe you wouldn’t mind passing those on today.

Whatever you decide to share, it can be accessed for generations to come and what a gift that would be. For families to see your smile, to know your favorite memory, to hear your voice, what a beautiful way to be remembered.

For more information and to sign up today, go to: