At Hitzeman Funeral Home, we have had the opportunity to be highlighted in local newspapers and articles around town throughout the years. We have written some articles as well.

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Chuck Hitzeman Opens like the “Greatest Showman”

Brookfield chamber steps out with dance competition

Charles “Chuck” Hitzeman announces he will dance with the Chamber!

Fancy stepping on tap for Dancing with the Chamber

Funeral homes adjusting to COVID-19 outbreak

Funeral homes adjusting to COVID-19 outbreak Directors find state mandates limiting their services PDF Tuesday, March 31st, 2020 1:42 PM By JAMES KAY Staff Reporter As COVID-19 continues to upend the lives of locals in Riverside and Brookfield, funeral homes are adjusting to not being able to work at full capacity. With stay-at-home orders and social distancing mandates in place, David Moravecek from Ivins/Moravecek Funeral Home and Chuck Hitzeman from Hitzeman Funeral Home told the Landmark this particular period… Read complete articles here

Personalizing Cremation

Even though cremations have been available for years, many families may not be aware of all their options. The rational varies as to why one chooses cremation.  Families may not realize that they can have the tradition of a visitation and a Funeral Service or Mass, even if their loved one wants cremation.  As with a traditional funeral, you may choose to have a visitation where your loved one is present in a casket and a Funeral Service or Funeral… Read complete articles here

Urn Carrier

The urn carrier is relatively new to the industry.  It was designed to provide the family a dignified way to carry the cremated remains of a loved one after the funeral service and to their final resting place. At Hitzeman Funeral Home & Cremation Services, we were one of the first to offer this stately urn carrier.  We also found that it could be used in another way.  Having a traditional service with the utilization of a kneeler for cremated remains,… Read complete articles here

Great weather, a slew of activities boosts opening of La Grange Park Little League season

Hundreds of families packed into Hanesworth Park Sunday for the annual La Grange Park Little League’s Family Day. Geoff Nordmeyer, the league’s player agent, said this year’s event was special due to its ambitious offerings. Usually, the event is a day for area teams to take photos and hang out in the park. At the start of the event last year, Nordmeyer noticed something.  “Nobody was here,” he said. “We played the ‘Star-Spangled Banner’ and very few people were here.”… Read complete articles here

Notary, Fax, & Copy

Need a Notary, Fax, or Quick Copy? Ongoing services we have provided to the community include notarizing, faxing, and quick copying. Of course these services are free of charge. We would love the opportunity to help out our neighbors! Notary—We have several staff members who are notary publics. Our notary publics will witness the signing and stamp the necessary documents at Hitzeman Funeral Home. Please call (708-485-2000) or email ( to make an appointment when the necessity arises. Fax and… Read complete articles here

State Laws for Cremation Ashes

    While statures and guidelines may not be widely known and not often observed, there are state laws concerning cremation ashes (cremains). For example, Illinois law states you may store cremation ashes in a grave, crypt, or niche.  The law also says that if you want to scatter cremains, it must be done in a legally established scattering area like a scattering garden in a cemetery.  Many cemeteries have gardens designated for scattering ashes, so you can always ask… Read complete articles here

What Are Pre-Planning Funeral Services?

Pre-planning your funeral or the funeral of your loved one is tantamount to planning for college, a wedding, or retirement.  Funerals encompass another life cycle event that everyone has to consider at one time or another.  Pre-planning a funeral is one guarantee that the deceased’s wishes will be carried out as requested.  You or your family member will have chosen what is wanted and You can pre-fund your services in advance. This proactive act saves the family a great deal… Read complete articles here

The Benefits of Pre-Planning Funeral Arrangements

There are a number of benefits to taking care of making your funeral arrangements while you are capable of making your needs and wants known.  When you take charge of planning your own funeral or memorial service, your wishes will be expressed, and your family won’t be left to guess.  A pre-planned funeral offers you peace of mind and relieves your family from the strain of making decisions in an emotional and stressful time.  In fact, you can think of… Read complete articles here