Mrs. Joanne Russo of Riverside, IL

“The staff at Hitzeman Funeral Home were friendly and
responsive to our needs. They displayed compassion while we
planned my mother’s funeral arrangements.”

Mrs. Joanne Russo
Riverside, IL

Mrs. Jeanne L. Christoff of LaGrange Park, IL

“My late husband knew the Hitzeman family from his old
Chicago neighborhood and Church. We knew them as a
trusted funeral home.”

Mrs. Jeanne L. Christoff
LaGrange Park, IL

Mrs. Linda Lahey of Downers Grove, IL

“At this very difficult time in our lives. we are so
grateful for the care, concern and excellence that we
received from Todd and Sue Hitzeman. Our services for
both of our parents were extraordinary and that is due
primarily to our choice of Hitzeman Funeral Home!!!”

Mrs. Linda Lahey
Downers Grove, IL

Mrs. Joanne Domanico of Hawthorne Woods, IL

“Funeral planning is an emotionally difficult task. The staff could not have been
more helpful and attentive during this difficult time.  Thank you.”

Mrs. Joanne Domanico
Hawthorne Woods, IL

Mrs. MaryAnn Mudra of LaGrange Park, IL

“I was out of state when my friend died. Sue Hitzeman
and I were able to make the majority of the arrangements
over the phone. Todd’s parents and grandparents would be
so proud of the professional and caring work he and Sue
continue to carry on.”

Mrs. MaryAnn Mudra
LaGrange Park, IL

Susan Hughes of Brookfield

“We were very pleased with the whole process.
Respectful and professional.”

Mrs. Susan Hughes
Brookfield, IL

John Vina of LaGrange, IL

“Your counseling and caring made our unhappy situation very bearable.
Your kindness to our grandchildren meant a lot. Thank you.”

John Vina
LaGrange, IL

Melinda Breymeyer of Burr Ridge, IL

“Todd was great!
Thank you for everything!”

Melinda Breymeyer
Burr Ridge, IL

Mrs. Margaret M. Greene of Riverside, IL

“I am extremly satisfied. Jim was like our beloved Dad & Husband in Life. I appreciate Todd’s personal attention. He and his wife go back with our family for a long time.”

Mrs. Margaret M. Greene
Riverside, IL

Mrs. Marlene Keller of Brookfield, IL

“Todd Hitzeman did an excellent job?
Very caring and patient. Thank you Todd.”

Mrs. Marlene Keller
Brookfield, IL