Can I transfer my pre-arrangements?

Even if you have existing pre-arrangements at another funeral home, you still have options, as we honor all existing pre-arrangements. You can transfer your arrangements at anytime to Hitzeman Funeral Home, Ltd. without losing any benefits. Please contact us for more information. We accept the transfer of pre-arrangements from other funeral homes both in state and out of state.

Family Owned Versus Chains

Question – Is there any difference between a family-owned funeral home, and a funeral home that is part of a corporate-owned chain?

Answer – Over the past several years, large multi-national organizations have been purchasing funeral homes and cemeteries at an alarming rate. The nineties saw hundreds of family operated funerals homes across North America brought into the fold of large multinational conglomerates. They will do everything possible to maintain the facade of a family owned operation, knowing that maintaining that illusion will benefit the continuity necessary to maintain business.

Question – Is Hitzeman Funeral Home independently owned or is it operated by a large chain or corporation?

Answer – The Hitzeman Funeral Home is locally owned and independently operated by the Hitzeman family for its entire 108 years of business. It is not operated by a large public corporation; decisions about day to day operations are made by the Hitzeman family, not in a corporate board meeting.

Question – Why are family-owned funeral homes the right choice?

Answer – Hitzeman Funeral Home is family owned and has a single focus: providing the best quality service and value to our families, friends, and neighbors. We are not governed by corporate mandates or driven to increase profits and bottom lines, by shareholders. We know that our success depends upon how we treat each and every family we serve. It is our goal at Hitzeman Funeral Home not only to satisfy your needs but to exceed your expectations.

Historically, funeral services have been provided by generations of local families who have deep roots in their community. When dealing with such an important event, turning to a funeral director whom you know and trust can make a world of difference. A family-owned firm will give you the personal attention and caring that you deserve and the extra support that you will need after the funeral is over. A family that has been proven by generations of service to the community does not need to put on a front of caring. Many times this will be seen by corporate employees trained to be over empathetic, which often shows through as being insincere. You will receive the outstanding professionalism that only generations of service can cultivate, through a family funeral home. If we were asked to recommend a funeral provider in another town or city, we would generally recommend a family owned funeral home because: 1) They provide better service due to the presence of local ownership, 2) Decision making associated with responding to customer needs is better because those decisions can be made locally and quickly, 3) Local owners tend to be more involved in the community, and many times assume positions of leadership.

Here at Hitzeman Funeral Home, everything we do reflects our on-going commitment to provide affordable, quality services to the community. Customer trust is built slowly over time. Family-owned funeral homes are usually staffed by family members, members of the community, and graduates from local colleges. Conglomerates (corporations) buy funeral homes from all over the country. We live in the community, care for the community, and support the community.

The Hitzeman Family